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Biological Function

HGH plays an important role during the human development growth period that ends with
adolescence. In adults HGH stimulates protein synthesis in the muscles and the secretion of fatty
acids by adipose tissue (anabolic effects). It inhibits the muscles’ absorption of glucose, while
stimulating the absorption of amino acids, Amino acids are used during protein synthesis in which
the muscles go on to use fatty acids as source of energy, thus, HGH helps to form new structures
which replace worn ones; however, as with all hormones,
such as estrogen or progesterone, production starts to
diminish after the age of 30 in healthy adults at the rate
of 14% every ten years.

In many cases HGH is depleted severely at age 70
when the body only manufactures only 5% of the
amount produced at age 25.

The American Association of Endocrinology suggest that the decrease of HGH is age related and is characterized by a series of easily recognized symptoms:

Reduction of muscle mass
Reduction of physical performance
Loss of sleep
Alteration of the heart rhythm
Lack of energy
Weight gain/obesity
Clinically proven affects of HGH
Helps reduce wrinkles
Improves in the skin’s texture and elasticity
Increases energy
Helps with weight reduction
Restores hair color and stimulates growth
Increases sexual drive
Reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol
Regenerates heart cells, liver and kidney cells and lungs
Restores muscle and bone mass
Stabilizes the sugar level in the blood

How does Human Growth Hormone Function in the body?

A key component is hgh cycles. It is important to know that hgh cycles throughout the day. As hgh cycles it is primarily released in a pulsating fashion, with serum concentrations generally lowest in the early morning and highest overnight during sleep stages III and IV. Human Growth Hormone is quickly converted by the liver into IGF-1 (also referred to as growth promoting metabolite somatomedin C), and then circulated throughout the body. IGF-1 is the factor that is measured in the blood in order to determine the level of human growth hormone secretion.

A critical concept in understanding human growth hormone deficiency is that it has two distinct types of effects:
Direct Effects are the result of human growth hormones binding its receptors on target cells. Fat cells for example, have growth hormone receptors, and growth hormone stimulates them to break down triglycerides and suppresses their ability to take up and accumulate circulating lipids.

Indirect Effects are mediated primarily by Insulin-like
Growth Factor (IGF-1), a hormone that is secreted from the liver and other tissues in response to human growth hormones. A majority of the effects of human growth hormones is actually due to IGF-1 acting on target cells.
Recent hgh research has revealed that the aging pituitary cells can still secrete as much growth hormones as someone in their 20's if they are adequately stimulated.

This astounding discovery is the basis of homeopathic Hgh releasers and Hgh releaser supplements, and the second type of prescription hgh that is in the process of being developed. These alternative methods to Hgh prescription injections act to stimulate the pituitary to release the human growth hormone, which is actually still produced by our bodies as we age. These types of Hgh research therapies are not based on pumping the body up with synthetic Human Growth Hormone, but with releasing human growth hormone from its dormant state in the pituitary gland itself.
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